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Support this hospice pup's bucket list journey

At first glance, Hannah is a Shepherd blend puppy like any other. She is energetic, enjoys chasing the ball, and is loving and cuddly. Although she may seem perfect on the outside, inside she is dealing with a severe medical condition called renal dysplasia and needs your help.

Say hello to Hannah: a 6-month-old Shepherd-Retriever blend who was diagnosed with renal dysplasia. Renal dysplasia is a hereditary condition. At birth her kidneys were not properly developed, causing them to not function properly and filter out toxins. Hannah’s case is severe. When she got to the Center, she was classified as having Stage 2 kidney disease. She has since been moved up to Stage 3.

Helen Woodward Animal Center wants Hannah to live her life to the fullest and enjoy as much as other dogs would during their lifetime. Hannah will be checking things off her bucket list as she gets to enjoy her journey, regardless of what her lifespan is. There are many things dogs are known to enjoy: get a puppuccino, go to the beach, have a shopping spree at a local pet store, try a hotdog, and much, much more. In order to make sure Hannah experiences all the things any other pup would, we need your help. With your donations, we will not only help cover the cost of Hannah’s medical treatment, but we can help her experience all of her puppy dreams, and give her a full life in the relatively short time she has.

Every donation made to help Hannah on her bucket list journey will be matched due to the generosity of The R J Family Foundation. Every dollar will allow Hannah to go to twice as many beaches, get twice as many toys at the pet store, and check off twice as many experiences on her bucket list.

Looking at this dog you would not believe she has a chronic medical condition. Hannah’s strong personality brings so much light to anyone around her. With Stage 2 kidney disease clinical signs are often mild or absent. Once it advances to Stage 3 and beyond, we start to see clinical signs such as increased thirst and urination, nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite followed by weight loss. Hannah progressed to Stage 3 this week. While she is not yet experiencing any of the clinical signs mentioned, her medical exam levels came back higher this week. Our team of veterinarians continue to examine and give Hannah the best care possible, but there is nothing like having a safe place to call home.

The outlook for renal dysplasia varies. For some dogs they are given only a few days to a few weeks, while others can live a healthy life for years. Hannah's diagnosis is distressing, and the time frame is unreliable. The current prognosis is positive. Hannah is gaining appropriate weight like Shephard puppies, has the same energy levels, and the same lovely and caring behavior.

Life-Saving Medical Care

Your generous gift can cover lifesaving expenses that will provide orphan pets like Hannah with a healthy start to a long life filled with love and care!

Cover Costs of Critical Transports

Your matched gift can help rescue orphan pets like Hannah from overcrowded shelters around the country. Without our intervention, many of them may not survive another day.

Continuous Vital Care

Your matched gift can provide proper nutrition, socialization, training, for orphan pets like Hannah and love until a pet finds their forever home!

Helen Woodward Animal Center is looking for a forever foster home or an adopter for Hannah. Someone who is comfortable with her condition, and understanding of the requirements of frequent vet care, that may become more demanding as time progresses. Currently Hannah only needs to visit the vet every 3-6 months unless an urgent situation arises. But as she gets older, vet visits may increase to monthly, or even weekly. There is a financial commitment, as well as a time commitment.

Hannah has a lot of experiences to check off of her bucket list. If you are not able to foster or adopt this sweet puppy, please donate. Your donations help Hannah experience life to the fullest, and live comfortably no matter how much time she has.

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